by Círidan, 115 days ago

RIP 31-10-2016

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1/7 Mythic

by Círidan, 129 days ago

With some help from the Boomkini, and some great strategical insight from Eleven it flopt.

Job well done!

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Hc clear 1:55:00

by Círidan, 137 days ago

Well done second week we clear this badboy and a full day left to do mythic!

I guess Yote did that damage by himself ;)

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7/7 week 2

by Círidan, 143 days ago

And ...... It's gone!


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5/7 Heroic Week 1

by Círidan, 150 days ago

With just 2 small raids we managed to get most crap out of the way!

Very impressive stats on WarcraftLogs, and a nice little achief along the way!

Cya all next week, much love from the officer team.

Nela edit: I look so much better than that moonkin-form, I was not prepared for the screenshot. Proof:


Logs @ Warcraft Logs

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